Can associate members be involved in governance?

Yes.  In fact they would be actively encouraged to become thus involved.  The idea is for the board structure to encompass a blend of stakeholder perspectives – a balance of full and associate members, alongside external, independent people, e.g. from the local authority and local business sector.  This will enable us to reflect the balance of the core need to win and deliver contracts on a commercial basis (full members’ primary perspective) with the equally important need to build the capacity of smaller providers (develop the internal market in the interests of ‘ensuring contestability’) [associate members’ primary perspective], at the same time as building in a conflicts of interest-proof firewall into the governance structure (independents’ primary perspective) – see point below.

The consortium will be owned and controlled by the membership (full and associate).  This entails the constitutional power to vote at the AGM and to stand for election to the board.