Can you give successful examples of this consortium approach?

Yes.  There are lots of consortia, including ones that are structured in a similar way to Greater Together (i.e. set up as a company in its own right with the partner organisations being members of the company).  There are lots of existing consortia that are organised along sub-sector lines (2 examples from Sheffield are VC Train [a training consortium] which has won multiple contracts, turning over in excess of £40m, and Sheffield Well-Being Consortium [which has secured around £1m in funding since it became operational a couple of years ago]).  Increasingly, voluntary sector organisations are opting for the Greater Together approach – i.e. a VCS consortium with internal delivery clusters organised on thematic/specialist/geographical lines – in response to current market conditions, and tender specifications.

The interim board have been working with Neil Coulson, an adviser who has lots of experience in helping voluntary sector consortia to form in different parts of the country. 

Also, ACEVO’s website ( contains some useful case studies on consortia.