How will any funding secured be allocated fairly? How will I know what work I’m getting?

There will be 2 main approaches to allocating work and associated funding within the consortium:

Joint Delivery Planning – this describes where a group of consortium members get together once a tender opportunity has been advertised to develop a jointly devised and jointly priced approach.  The resultant Joint Delivery Plan (JDP) forms the basis of the tender proposal.  If that proposal is successful in winning the contract, the patterns of supply (i.e. the lines and terms of sub-contract) are straightforward, as they have been pre-determined, inscribed within the JDP and tender proposal.  All members will be trained and supported in how to engage effectively in JDP work.

Internal Tendering – there will no doubt be circumstances in which a JDP approach is not possible (e.g. the commissioner may insist on a fund manager/’second tier commissioner’ approach or there simply might not be enough time in the tendering timeline to pre-determine definitively the patterns of supply).  Therefore, the alternative method involves internal tendering.  Here the consortium/hub leads the bidding process (using whatever intelligence it has at its disposal to ensure that the bid appropriately reflects members’ delivery capacity and ambitions).  If the contract is won, all members are subsequently invited to bid for a slice of the contract.  The ensuing bids are scored by a ‘technical appraisal panel’ (operating as a sub group of the board).  This internal tendering process will be governed by clear and transparent protocol and a strong value base to ensure ethical decision making.  All members will likewise be trained in how to engage in internal tendering approaches.

With both approaches, the consortium will be unswervingly committed to the principles of fairness and transparency (i.e. where all contract compliance criteria are satisfactorily met, funding will be distributed to providers on a fair and transparent basis, in proportion to deliver capacity).