If a bid is submitted to the Board or a panel in a competitive process, would they be impartial or would they award the contract to their own organisations?

Strict impartiality will be built into any internal tendering or bidding process.  An appraisal panel will be set up that consists of individuals entirely independent of any bidding organisation, for example independent Board members, representatives of commissioning bodies etc.

Also, when the recommendations of the appraisal panel are submitted to the Greater Together Board for approval, any board member with a vested interest in the outcome of the appraisal process will have to declare that interest and not participate in, or in any way influence, the Board’s final decision-making process. 

Independent perspectives will be built into the Board precisely so that a ‘conflicts of interest firewall’ is embedded within the overarching governance arrangements and decision-making processes.

All members will be trained/briefed in internal tendering procedures and protocol.

Objective scoring/evaluation systems will be put in place and clearly communicated to consortium members.

The outcomes of internal tendering processes will be openly communicated to the consortium membership in the interests of transparency.

An appeals procedure will be put in place for organisations that wish to appeal against decisions not to award them sub-contracts based on internal tendering processes, and unsuccessful organisations will have the opportunity to attend de-briefing surgeries to obtain advice on how to strengthen future internal bids and tender proposals.

All of this is designed to make any internal tendering process as fair, impartial and transparent as possible.