Membership Eligibility Criteria

To apply to become a member of the consortium organisations will need to demonstrate that they can meet certain eligibility criteria. There are 2 categories of membership available:

  • Full (organisations that are ‘contract-ready’)
  • Associate (organisations that are not yet ‘contract-ready’).

There are 12 key eligibility criteria divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Universal Criteria

  • Sector (not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises)
  • Provision of services for children, young people and families
  • Provision of services for the vulnerable and hard-to-reach
  • Area of operation
  • Commitment to consortium working
  • Commitment to sharing expertise via a time bank
  • Commitment to safeguarding

All members, full or associate, will need to demonstrate that they meet all of these universal criteria.

If organisations cannot meet all of these criteria, they will not be granted membership of the consortium.

Part 2: Contract-Readiness Criteria

  • Financial health
  • Quality systems
  • Suitable organisational policies
  • Suitable governance
  • Technical capacity

All full members will additionally need to demonstrate that they meet all of these contract-readiness criteria. 

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