Preventing Young People from Escalating into EWMH Crisis

Preventing Young People from Escalating into EWMH Crisis


Representatives from both Greater Together and Lancashire MIND sit on the Board for the Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Transformation Plan for Lancashire (2015-2020). We have been made aware of the opportunity below and contributed to discussions with Midlands & Lancashire CSU and Morecambe CCG who have designed the specification. 

Greater Together will not be submitting a consortium bid for this contract, as the amount is not sufficient to warrant it. 

Please read the guidance below and if you feel your organisation can bid for the work, please follow the link to contracts finder at the foot of the article.
Please forward any queries via the following email address: (not to Greater Together).


Funding: The maximum funding available for this tender is £98,553.


NHS England Children and Young People's Mental Health transformation programme and Specialised Commissioning are working with CCGs, Local Authorities and providers across the NHS, education, voluntary and statutory and partners to deliver system wide improvements for children and young people's mental health (CYP MH). This includes a strategic aim to strengthen the link between CYP MH inpatient and community services through place based commissioning and as community services develop, reduce the need for inpatient services.

As part of this work the STP has been successful is securing funding from NHSE for a project to help avoid the need for admissions of young people experiencing an emotional, mental health or behavioural crisis to inpatient facilities.

Aim: To avoid the need for admission inpatient mental health beds and crisis admissions to acute hospitals by improving the capacity of families, the CYP workforce and the local community to promote resilience at times of crisis and prevent and de-escalate crisis.

The requirements are as follows:

Geographic scope: STP footprint - Lancashire and South Cumbria (bids should cover the whole geographic area)

Target cohort: CAMHS providers and other partners will identify the young people thought most likely to be admitted to paediatric wards or tier 4 within the next 12 months. The parents/carers/residential facility carers/voluntary sector providers of those young people are the target cohort


  • To work with the families/carers/residential settings within the cohort to enable them to be better able to support CYP to prevent escalation to crisis.
  • To co-produce with the cohort of CYP and their parents/carers/residential settings a training programme and supporting resources to upskill others and strengthen pathways • Delivery of the training to the target cohort of parents/carers/residential settings
  • To train local third sector providers across the STP footprint to deliver the training to other families/carers/residential settings and establish communities of practice to ensure sustainability. The provider will be required to undertake a selection process to identify the 3rd sector providers to be involved in delivering the training. This selection process should include clear agreements, expectations and resource.
  • Following training, communities of practice will be established to maintain shared learning across the STP footprint.
  • To work with the cohort of families/carers/residential settings to develop sustainable peer support groups across the STP area supported by local third sector providers. These groups should be sustainable after the end of the funding.
  • Through engagement with the cohort families/carers/residential settings, to develop an understanding of what support would be helpful to prevent the requirement for an inpatient admission in future. This should be written up within the final report to inform future service developments.

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